Angry Rushes = Flying Irons

It was a quite night when my awesome mom asked me to help her iron the mountain of clothes that was threatening to eat us alive. Three hours and an impossible shirt later, I’m left sweating like a pig and I admit it, I didn’t make that much progress because I was too busy trying not to suffocate in this intense summer heat.

So, perfect, I’m done and take the miserable pieces that I ironed and right when I’m about to take everything back to the laundry room, mom comes to my room and says:

 “Oh, wait till you freshen up before take that down stairs.

There was no way I was going to argue because I was literally on fire at the moment so I felt like if I didn’t lie down for a second, I might’ve had a stroke. Good, so I sit down and wait. Ten minutes later (well maybe more… Let’s just say that I kind of forgot about the clothes that were next to me and decided to go on my laptop instead). I think I made a one mistake that’ll change me forever because then:

-Mom comes stomping into room and sees how I haven’t taken them clothes downstairs-

-She looks at me; her eyes are on fire along with her soul-

I don’t even know what’s going on but I can assure myself that I’m dead meat. This is it. I realized that my life would be ending and I didn’t even get to graduate from stupid high school.

-Scolding begins-

Ok, I’m more confused than ever right now because I have no freaking idea of why she’s mad nor why she’s scolding me so the entire time, I’m just sitting there with a poker face.

-She takes the iron along with the basket of left over laundry-

Oh… Now I get why she’s super pissed but wait. That wasn’t even my fault! She told me to wait until I freshened up. Now I’m the one who’s pissed, INJUSTICE. Ok, maybe I forgot about it but I swear I was going to take it downstairs at some point, bruh.

-She gets out of my room with basket + iron and heads to the stairs-

Well damn, she’s going to put it away herself then. Now I kind of feel bad because I was supposed to do that, come on.

Hah, boy I was wrong.

-She took basket + laundry lets it go down the stairs like she’s expecting it to fly or something-

At this moment, I’m questioning my life choices and waiting for my eyeballs to return to their normal state. I honestly had no idea of what I just witnessed. She made it look so casual that I bet not even her saw that coming. Of course, the basket exploded into a billion pieces and the iron broke. Guess who had to clean it? *rolls eyes**rolls eyebrows**rolls entire body like spaghetti*

Until this day, I’m trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with my mom. She looked possessed and I bet she felt that alter ego or whatever it was when it took over her body. I refuse to say that I didn’t witness a supernatural energy around.

One thing is for sure, when anger is nearby, I’ll tell my stress source to grow wings or I’ll simply just make it fly by force because that’s apparently acceptable and possible. Go ask my mom if you need some adrenaline rush to make it happen.


Sisterly Movie Nights – Never Let Me Go

It was one in the morning when my sister and I decided to watch Never Let Me Go.
I know it’s a book but knowing my rule, when I started to read it, I felt dumb as ever because I couldn’t understand what the actual heck was going on. From what I could hardly understand, I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy movie about rainbows and unicorns but I didn’t expect to have my soul crushed like that.

That trailer could’ve given me some sort of warning because honestly, I think I got SHOT.

That moment of hope when I was thinking that the deferral thing was actually possible was too good to be true. I can say that my hopes and dreams went along with Tommy and all of them who actually believed that it was a thing… After the credits were rolling I was like: that can’t be it, right? What… And I asure you could just my face for the book cover because my expression what a mixture of ‘whys’ and ‘damns’. It just seemed so unfair and my brain couldn’t get around it.

Anyways, the point is (if there’s even one because I’m just being sad). That that’s actually how we look like in real life. We hold unto high expectations to then just end up disappointed because sometimes life just have to suck that gigantic much. That’s how I felt after watching that movie and safe to say that I will at least try to watch much happier and unrealistic stuff before going to bed because that just made go depressed mode on.

Rant #1 : Missing School? What I Wished Someone Would Tell Me Back Then

I can’t really count the times I’ve gone into the internet whenever I was stressed over something in specific or in my case, overreacting as usual.  School attendance has always been a touchy subject for me because I tend to go crazy and lose my chill. Trust me, it isn’t pretty. So imagine this young individual going into Google to find some inspiration or to realize that maybe it’s just me being paranoid. A hundred and one articles entitled Why Is Missing School a Terrible Idea later; I’m left with chunks of hair in my hands and broken hopes for the future. Ok, well I’m being dramatic but something like that goes on. I don’t need to know why missing school isn’t very smart because trust me, I know it isn’t, even if I try to live in denial, deep down I know it isn’t.

Sometimes you’ve got to miss school and there was no way you can avoid it because of a  certain reason since family situations come up and even if you wanted to, you can’t become a superhuman and never get sick at least once (if someone does find out, you know where to find me. Drop it in a pile along with the world’s darkest secrets). All in all, experience has helped me learn how to deal with it but that doesn’t keep me from getting anxious anyways which I do but in a lesser extent now.

The thing is that as long as you get up to date when you get back and stay in contact with your friend so they can let you know what happened, then you should definitely be fine. As cliché as it sounds, that’s the realest advice when it comes to being absent. Being a senior, this happened to me a couple of times because my parents are fans of “They Never Teach Anything the First Days” which isn’t entirely true. There’s always this one teacher who thinks his Lord Majesty and leaves stuff from day one, even though everyone’s brain is pretty much still in pause during the first week. Then they say how we’re all “too young to be this stressed.” You don’t say.

I remember a quote from a book I read called When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney. Danny’s mom said: “At the end of my life, when I’m looking back, will I regret not doing this?” Trust me; I wouldn’t appreciate to know that I didn’t enjoy my day because I was too busy sweating a missed day at school. It’s always possible to get back in track if you work for it. I wish someone would tell me that every time my chill gets lost in Wonderland. Believe it or not, everyone deserves a break once in a while and sometimes your family needs you just don’t go super cray and miss a whole week if you can avoid it. We all have to make sacrifices but all in all, high school only ends up being a segment of your life even if it seems to be the whole world at the moment.  Everyone has to complete it but while enjoying every feeling it has to offer in the process.

Book Review

Paper Towns by John Green

I have  a number one rule. There’s no watching the movie without first reading the book because not even candy replaces that feeling of satisfaction that I get when you actually know the details and the whole message behind the plot.  Anyways, I’ve read four books from John Green already and this one by far is  my favorite. He has a particular way of writing that’s just hilarious. I was constantly laughing like a maniac at Quentin’s comments and  let’s not forget his friends who are even more hilarious. Green’s description of high school never seizes to amaze me. His writing is very original and honestly I’ve never been able to predict the ending of any of his books.

In Paper Towns,The mystery and suspense just made it more difficult  for me to put the book down when you know… Sometimes human necessities call, like pee breaks. One thing was for sure. I felt like James Bond while reading this. All of the clues and going arounds were the spark of the story I would definately read it again later. Trust me, if you like adventures, meet your new bestie.

My favorite quote from the book was:

“If I had a nervous breakdown every time something awful happened in the world, I’d be crazier than a shithouse rat.”
I can relate because I’m known to being made out of stress which makes me question why I haven’t died yet. Oh, the human secrecies…

Thanks! Please leave a comment below letting me know what you thought about the book and what book should I review next.

Welcome To My Blog!

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to read my intro. Anyways, let’s get right into business.

I’m 16 and a senior in high school. I can’t promise I’ll let you know about the secrets that the world hides to make you stay (if someone does find out, you know where to find me *winks*), but I can you tell a little bit about myself. I have three passion: Music, Books and still trying to figure out the other one. Considering I’m a teenager that has no idea of what’s going on 99% of the time, my face is always stuck in a book of some sort while my brain is imagining that I’m  the protagonist. Which is never the case, of course. I can seem kind of uptight at times but that’s what high school has done to me. *wipes single tear* I’ve lost my chill. It’s buried along with the terrible jokes I make. In my blog, prepare your eyeballs for some ranting to the realest because I constantly ask myself why life sucks so much sometimes. It neves seizes to amaze me.  Also, book reviews from those literary art pieces that have moved a part of my soul.

Hope you stick with me!